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Sorry it's been so long
Jason Mraz 'Thought'
I've been so busy lately with all my new classes this semester. There have been so many projects to do (I'm actually in the middle of working on a group presentation) but I'm almost done with this semester! This semester has been super exciting and it's really opened up a lot of doors for me. I just hope that next semester will be the same!!

My sister and I went with some friends to Black Friday and took advantage of all the sales. I got really excited and impulsive and bought everything that I felt looked good. Cleaned out the closet a few days ago and all I hafta say is "what the hell was I thinking?!". There was just too much ugly in there... just waaay too much.

I haven't been active at my Tumblr cuz it sucks but I have been very active at my Dailybooth. If you don't have a DB then I suggest you get one. I'm loving these pants. They're available at Yoki Ono but I'm gonna look around Asos to see if they have anything similar.

Rough Tumble
F12 'Party'
... you can also find me at my Tumblr.

Matt Dallas 'Nerdy'
I'm full of inspiration after months of blogger's block!

A lot has happened but I'll keep it simple: school has consumed my existence, I've been promoted at work, I now have an iPhone, and I shaved my head. I've been busy but there have been busier times ;).

The premier for the film I was working on all last year was last night and it was crazy. The incredible detail about the premier was that our entire theater was sold out (our reserved seats nonetheless!)! Who knew that our local film festival would draw that big of a crowd? Watching the film was a surreal experience; I sat there taking in the entire moment. It was surreal to realize that we were given this opportunity to watch it together on the big-screen. I haven't felt so accomplished in a long time; to have our work showcased to a theater audience was amazing. All in all, it was a great, great night.

The festival was followed by an intimate celebratory afterparty at the local Zippys. It was amazing that I managed to spill into bed around 12am.